MagOXX Board is the ideal product for constructing floors. MagOXX Board is fire and impact resistant, lightweight, highly insulating and ideal for all finishes. Even in the most humid of environments, MagOXX Board will not deteriorate or host fungi or insect life. MagOXX Board is easy to machine. Thanks to its lightweight construction, MagOXX Board is much easier to handle than fibre-cement or gypsum products.

MagOXX Board can be used to make system floors, floor constructions with infrared foil and floor constructions with standard underfloor heating. MagOXX Board is incombustable (fireclass A1). With proper application  9 mm  MagOXX Board reaches a fire resistancy over 60 minutes (conform EN 1364-1: 2015).


MagOXX Board is available in size 3000 x 1200/900 mm and 2700 x 1200/900 mm. Stand colour is white, other colours after consultation


  • Easy to cut and break
  • Use special DynaPlus screws




  • Fire resistant
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Sustainable
  • Light weight
  • Impact resistant
  • Easy to handle, quick to install
  • Waterproof and damp-proof