SINH™ climate tile

The SINH™ climate tile is our newest product innovation. This is a energy saving modular heating or cooling system for walls and floors.

the floor tile is made of high performing magnesium oxide board. The tubing system is easy to install in the milling pattern. Thanks to its unique shape of these elements you need a lower pumping capacity, and you need less energy compared to traditional underfloor heating systems, because of the lower temperature of the water inside the tubes.

SINH™ Climate tile animation movie


A cooling and heating system in one

The SINH™ climate tile is an easy and sustainable way to heat or to cool an inner space. An all-in-one system for heating and cooling!

✔ dry construction: fast and easy to instal

✔ for new housing and renovation projects

✔ energy efficient: thanks to its unique shape

✔ cost-effective: less labour hours, use of materials and lower heating costs

✔ magnesium oxide board floor tile (SINH™ board 24mm thickness, 18mm + 6mm)

✔ standard size 120cm x 60cm tiles

✔ an innovative and sustainable solution

✔ a tailor-made solution


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