SINH™ board SIP panel

SINH™ panel is a fire-resistant, highly insulating, SIP panel or sandwich panel.

SIP sandwich panel

SINH™ panel is manufactured by laminating two sheets of fire resistant* SINH™ board MgO to an expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam core. Thanks to the use of special bonding and vacuum technologies, SINH™ panels are ideally suited for high-strength (prefabricated) load-bearing constructions in buildings, bungalows and other housing applications.


Benefits SIP panels

✔ Cost reduction during construction
✔ Saving costs of labour
✔ Reduction of construction lead time
✔ Energy-neutral
✔ Wide ranging applications
✔ Consistent quality
✔ Design flexibility

Dimensions and finishing are up to client specification, enabling quick and flexible construction and resulting in significant time and cost savings. If you would like to learn more about constructing with SINH™ panel, please contact us.

*Fire Classification A1, SINH™ board 9mm is fire resistant for 60 minutes.