MagOXX® Board

MagOXX Board, our flagship product, is a fire resistant, multipurpose non-construction board based on magnesiumoxide (MgO).

Fireproof magnesium oxide boards

A unique and innovative construction solution for new constructions, renovation projects, interior constructions, and restoration works.

MagOXX Board is:

✔ non-combustible*;
✔ waterproof;
✔ high quality;
✔ CE certified;
✔ Sustainable material;
✔ Easy to treat;
✔ Lightweight;
✔ Non-toxic;
✔ highly durable;
✔ 100 procent recycable.

MagOXX Board is the perfect solution for the quick and flexible construction of (false) ceilings, interior walls, roofing underlayment, wall cladding and duct covers. MagOXX™ board is available in different sizes and finishes.