The advantages of working with SINH™ products:

Our Magnesium oxide material is made with detailed attention to quality, using special SINH™ technology. The result is a multifunctional fire resistant sheet material of high quality.

In addition, working with SINH ™ products offers great benefits, such as:

✔  A shorter duration of projects
(due to rapid installation and multi-functional application.)

✔  easily comply with building codes
(among others: fire safety, hygiene and environmental matters.)

✔ Saving on total construction costs
(through reduced use of materials and labor)

✔  Contribute to sustainable world
(reduction of material consumption and reducing CO2 emissions)

✔  A high end product compared to other materials
(better product key features)

Due to their advanced technical features and benefits, SINH™ products can be considered as a better, “greener”, and affordable alternative to existing board materials, for example: calcium silicate board, plywood board, gypsum or fibre-cement-based boards.



We are proud to proclaim we have CE Certification on our SINH™ board products since the 1st of October 2016.
All our products are tested to European quality standards, assuring that our products have been thoroughly tested and meet all European directives that apply in the areas of safety, health and the environment. Product tests were performed in collaboration with: Peutz, SGS, RDA Building Technology and KIWA.


Key features

1) Incombustible

MagOXX Board is incombustible (Class A1). When applied correctly a 9 mm MagOXX Board can easily attain more than 60 minutes fire resistance (conforming with EN 1364-1: 2015).

2) Eco-friendly

MagOXX Board is non-toxic and asbestos-free. And thanks to its open molecular structure and high permeability to vapour, MagOXX Board does not stimulate the growth of mould or fungi, or support insect life.

3) Waterproof

MagOXX Board ise completely water resistant and dimensional stability in humid conditions. Furthermore,  MagOXX Board does not deteriorate when immersed in water or exposed to freeze-thaw cycles.

4) Insulation

MagOXX Board shows excellent acoustic damping due to its high density and elasticity. It also reduced loss of energy when spaces are heated or cooled, due to its good thermal conductivity.

5) Sound proofing

Noise is considered as one of the main factors of discomfort. Perfect sound insulation in partitions is achieved by combining MagOXX Board systems with adequate acoustic insulation (46dB).

6) Ease of working

MagOXX Board products can be easily machined, trimmed, drilled or shaped using ordinary (power) tools. Quick and easy installation.

7) Durable

Thanks to its strength and durable characteristics, MagOXX Board products  are highly resistant to impact. With an expected lifespan of more than 25 years, MagOXX Board products are highly durable.

8) Light Weight

Because MagOXX Board is strong and light weight, the boards take the additional load from building structures and increase building possibilities, which also helps to improve the safety and the quality of the construction.

9) Multi-purpose

The scope of MagOXX Board Multi-purpose boards is unprecedentedly wide for both indoor and external use. False walls, ceilings, roofs, floors…


Key benefits

SINH™ board vs. Calcium Silicate

SINH™ board:


› Has a higher bending strength: ...20 MPa (silicate board: 9-10 MPa)


› Is 100% recyclable ...(silicate board is non-recyclable)


› Is non-toxic. ...(silicate board contains silicates)


› Does not react to water.

SINH™ board vs. Fibre-Cement

SINH™ board:


› Has a low density: 975 kg/m3 : ...(cement board:1250–1350kg/m3)


› Has a higher bending strenght: ...20 MPa(cement board:7MPa)


› Is easier to cut (CNC/Laser)


› Is non-toxic ..(cement board contains silicates)

SINH™ board vs. Gypsum

SINH™ board:


›  Has a higher bending strength: ....20 MPa (gypsum: 6-8 MPa)


›  Has a higher Fire resistance (60 min.): ....9mm board (gypsum: 15mm)


›  Has a higher impact strength


›  Doesn’t deform when emerged in ....water (gypsum does deform)


›  Is resistant to fungi and mould

SINH™ board vs. Plywood

SINH™ board:


› Has a significant lower swelling ratio: ...< 0,2% (plywood: up to 13%)


› Has a high fire resistance: Class A1 ...(plywood: class E)


› Is easier to cut (CNC/Laser)


› Has a consistant quality


› Is resistant to insects (termites)