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SINH™: cost effective, innovative and sustainable solutions

Who we are

In everything we do, we believe in Empowering Sustainable Living.

MagOXX® Board is a brand of SINH Building Solutions. Behind SINH Building Solutions works a dynamic and enthousiastic team.

The name sinh means lion in Hindi language. In hinduism the lion stands for the fourth incarnation of the God Vishnu. Some characteristics are: wisdom, protection and self-control.
Translated to our company the symbol represents a powerful and strong brand name, thanks to our high performing products.

Production Solutions Innovation

What we do
Innovation is in the heart of our company.

We are permanently seeking for ways to add value to our products and services and deliver innovative solutions that have a positive sustainable impact. Therefore we develop, produce, and marketing innovative, cost effective and sustainable construction solutions based on magnesium oxide.
We choose for sustainability, magnesium oxide has a low carbon footprint compared to other construction materials. Our high quality solutions are applied in new housing, renovations, restorations, and interior constructions.

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Our new generation products open up more construction possibilities, reduce costs and have a positive sustainable impact.  
Jan Engels (CEO SINH Building Solutions BV)


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